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Guyana became independent on 26 May 1966 from the United Kingdom. The country’s population consists of people of various ethnicities including Chinese, Portuguese, East Indians, Europeans, Amerindians, and Africans who comfortably living alongside each other.

Interestingly, Guyana is also the only South American country where English is the official language. Official languages of other South American countries are:- Brazil – Portuguese; Venezuela – Spanish; Colombia – Spanish; Argentina – de facto Spanish; Peru – Spanish, Chile – Spanish; Ecuador – Spanish; Bolivia – Spanish and others; Paraguay – Spanish and Guarani; Suriname – Dutch; Uruguay – Spanish.

Guyana according to the English Oxford dictionary means “the land of many waters.”

The Dutch were the first to establish colonies in Guyana and later came the British.

Guyana has territorial disputes with both Venezuela and Suriname.

Guyana has three main geographical regions. One is a low lying coastal plain, the other is savannah zone, and the third is the mountainous region.

Guyana is also home to the world’s largest single drop waterfall – the Kaieteur Falls. The falls has a total length of 251 meters and it is amongst the most powerful waterfalls in the world with an average water flow rate of 663 cubic meters per second.

The above basic information was quoted from: http://thefactfile.org/guyana-facts/

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